Monday, December 21, 2009

eww cooties...

With the peak of RSV and flu season fast approaching we are renewing our efforts to quarantine our little ones from illness of any kind - but especially respiratory bugs. If they get even a tiny cold, it would be likely to land them right back in the hospital and very quickly on a ventilator with their present lung condition (they have chronic lung disease).

Accordingly, upon entering our home visitors will be required to remove their shoes or use the hospital grade cleaning wipes that I have here to clean the soles. There will under no circumstances be any shoes allowed in the playroom - this is really the only place the babies are put on the floor right now. Immediate and proper handwashing is a must - followed by the antibacterial gel we have by the sink. Proper handwashing means rubbing your hands together vigorously for the amount of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Please do not "get in" the babies' faces, put their hands in your mouth (they grab at faces an awful lot now) or put your hands in their mouths (umm - they also attempt to put everything in their mouths).

Only healthy adults who have not been ill nor been around anyone else who was ill for the previous 10 days will be allowed to visit. This means as long as that "little cough" or "just a sniffle" lingers, our door is closed.

It is one of my greatest wishes that these babies prove their momma a complete over-protective lunatic. I will (I promise) wear the title proudly if it means that they stay healthy and thereby allow their lungs the best possible chance at healing. We are hoping to relax a little in the spring / summer months but for now are remaining vigilant in our efforts to keep our babies home and healthy.

We are so thankful for the support and compliance thus far and feel that we truly are doing what's best for our little ones - no matter how hard and isolating it is for us to keep them under wraps.

Much love and happy holidays to all.

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