Saturday, December 12, 2009

star pupils!

We had truly an amazingly busy morning yesterday! The babies' entourage showed up in full force - all expected visits - I should have figured everyone would somehow show at the same time!

Plan was: house keepers typically come at 8am for 2 hours, home health before 11am (around 10:30), physical therapy and case worker to come between 10:45 and 11am - that way, everything would be done for their typical long nap at 12 or so...

In general what actually happened...
Case worker was the first to show at 10:45 followed closely by PT at 11. Luckily, I just planned for us to be holed up in the playroom for the morning which is what we typically do anyhow - except for naps...Brent and I cleaned the playroom the night before, arranged their activity areas and I made little spots for each to nap. I had bottles and diapers ready to go - I even had a protein bar for me! (I really hate interrupting the cleaning service when they're here). So, we'd actually been set up since about 7:30 in there - the babies played, ate, and napped and were rested and full for the therapy session. (umm - pat on my back please for such good planning - ha - as if they don't just do what they will anyhow!) So, pt, and case worker were here and started.

Mary Louise was first. Actually the case worker just comes every couple of months to review progress and go over new goals. She and the PT are very sweet and LOVE the babies (as the babies seem to do them as well- an another necessary side note - how could you not love these babies!) so I really get excited about their visits as it's a chance to get a decent in house evaluation and get a little pro feedback on Mary Louise and David's status. As the physical therapist started to work with Mary Louise, all I heard was "ooo's" and "ahh's" and "my goodness! Heather! She looks amazing!" Oh I was so proud! Mary Louise really seemed to enjoy the whole thing and "performed" beautifully!

We discussed my concerns about her - eating, rolling over a couple of weeks ago and then suddenly not being so interested, and where do I go from here to promote further development - all "normal" concerns considering their corrected age, and the fact that ultimately, I would like to encourage them as much as possible while they seem to be so so interested.

Phone rang: home health nurse: "Heather I'm running way late. (it was 11:30 now) I'm heading in your direction to see Mary Louise." Me, "(sigh- I'd been up and entertaining or feeding or cleaning since 5am) ok, well she's done with her therapy now so if you're on your way, we'll get this done before her nap."

Knock on door: housekeepers here. I gave them a quick run down. Luckily for me, the pt and case worker have gotten comfortable enough with us to take care of both babies for a few minutes when stuff like this happens. The babies were just fine.

Back to therapy: David's turn: He was so funny. He'd been awake and done eating for awhile and was content for a bit just watching Mary Louise but by the time it was his turn, he was so ready to strut his stuff that he was dancing and "agoo-ing" before the therapist ever got to him! He did beautifully as well. She seemed very impressed with both of them saying, "you know, I would have been perfectly happy with LESS progress than that! They've done incredibly well today and have made HUGE strides since last month!"

Meanwhile, the home health nurse arrived to weigh and measure Mary Louise - 21 inches long - 10 pounds 11.5 ounces = completely ridiculous weight gain since her pedi visit! (David was not due for a check so she left after seeing Mary Louise)

We discussed a few exercises for the little ones - their upper body is the constant source for their weak areas - they need to gain strength in their arms and chest to make it to their next milestones...CRAWLING AND SITTING UP!!!! Oh I'm so thrilled with the possibilities!

Perhaps the biggest immediate deal of the day? They made it through ALL of that excitement WITHOUT CRYING!!!! My goodness, to be honest, I was the one feeling a bit over stimulated after all that. They promptly went to sleep after their appointments though Miss Mary Louise had other plans and didn't sleep for long - about 30 minutes and she was done and ready to eat and play again.

Last night though, they were still a bit tired and went to sleep in good time. Brent and I then had a make shift date night- he picked up food from one of our favorite restaurants and I surprised him with a crystal and Christmas china set - up complete with a nice glass of wine on his return (um - because who needs a holiday for crystal and china I say?) We were even able to eat and visit uninterrupted!

Good day - congrats babies for all of your hard hard work!!!



  1. That was a very fabulous day!!! xxxooo

  2. Sounds like an absoultely chaotic, yet wonderful day and evening. Way to go Davis and Mary Louise!