Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silly Mom!

I forgot to mention on their check-up day that we got almost to the pedi's office (which is literally walking distance from our house - actually I would walk if it weren't on such a busy road) and I looked at my feet...there they were, my fuzzy pink slippers.

How ridiculous. We came back home, I ran in and got some more appropriate foot wear and double checked to make sure I had pants on as well!

I may just have to start dedicating a weekly post to my mishaps and inadvertent embarrassments judging by the way things have been going!


  1. Hilarious!! So stylin' Ha! Your feet--the furthest thing from your mind! xxxooo

  2. Don't feel bad Heather, I worked with a lady, who on 2 occasions, came to work with a brown shoe and a black shoe....the hazards of having the same pair of shoes in different colors and getting dressed in the dark. Hehe. I probaly would have gone in with the slippers. It never fails for me, the nights I go to work in my longue pants ( rainbows and clouds-or my sheep pjs) I end up needing to go to Walmart on the way home from work.

    Laughing with you,
    Auntie Zoo

  3. I usually buy a new pair of running shoes every six months or so, and the retired pair goes in the trunk of my car, ostensibly for if I find myself somewhere with a little time to kill and want to go for a walk, but they would have worked well in your situation too!

    Cousin Jen

  4. I did that too on a trip to the nicu! I also once walked out of the pumping room there with my shirt unbuttoned. I think I at least had on a tank underneath. Its the lack of sleep. Have you gotten the babies to sleep a little longer? Try tanking them up by feeding them often during the day. The should be able to do a 3 hour day schedule, up, eat, play for 1.5hrs and down for 1.5hrs, and so on. Also, our ped had us start food at about 4 months adjusted, and said we should do food by the calendar age. Seemed crazy at the time, but I think she was close to right.