Friday, December 18, 2009

The Baby

We've had a wonderful visit with my youngest brother Sean (Uncle Bean). After settling into our routine for a day or so, he got the hang of things...and seemed to even get used to the noise around here - even the 5am fiascoes.

Sean is "the baby" of 5. He's always loved being the baby - and used it as an excuse to get his way until...well he still at the age of 20 uses it actually. We are all very caudal ed by my mother who is forever doting on one or all of us. Despite all of that - despite being well aware that he is in fact the baby and the youngest, etc., for some reason it escaped me that he's never really been around babies. Ha - poor guy comes here, and for the life of me I can't figure out why he isn't the master rocker, bouncer, jiggler - why it isn't just second nature after all these years of...oh yeah - I'm 10 years older than him. Right...So, being the good sport that he is, he caught on and by day 2 was a little more comfortable and even handled both of the babies for short times so that I could pump! So, way to go Sean! You definitely got thrown in here, but did just fine! Thanks so much for your help!!

Will post photos soon.

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