Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweet Kuylen

Tonight we lit a candle for our sweet little jelly bean Kuylen Stafford as a part of a movement done by an international bereavement group. One little light for our tiny baby boy. Our son. Honestly, there are no words to appropriately describe any of this - though I sure have tried in my own feeble way.

My Kuylen,

You will forever live in my heart and be on my mind. I still-and always will- remember your soft kicks, your ultrasound wiggles, your sweet peaceful final grin when all was quiet and there were no more tubes, no more machines and you were able to gently fade away in our arms. I can still trace your features in my mind - your nose, your eyes, your mouth, your tiny tiny toes. 10 little fingers. My perfection. Our beautiful gift. Our lesson in grace, strength, and knowing when to let go - no matter our agony or perceived need.

My angel. I am so so proud to be your mom.



  1. Tears fall from torn hearts, yet sweet souls surround us and bless us all with the light of life's everlasting shining glory. xxxooo

  2. Not a day goes by that I do not think of your sweet Jelly Bean. I have never met him yet he has changed me. What a strong and determined angel you have in Heaven looking after you and your family.