Tuesday, December 1, 2009

keep those babies rollin'...

So, David and I were playing, he was on his back and gripped my finger by reaching across his chest with his left hand. He then started kicking his leg back and forth to first pull onto his side...then his FRONT!!!! yay!!! He then realized that pulling himself over from back to front did in fact put him in the dreaded tummy time position. So after a quick smile from my over the top excited reaction to his newest trick, he promptly burst into tears. (I'm still the proudest momma on the planet though!)

Hoping to catch a video later, but wanted to update on such exciting news anyhow...



  1. too cute! Great story, glad you took time to share Heather :D

  2. Hilarious! I could tell he was ready for rolling from back to front. One day he will win a push up competition to make up for lost tummy time moments. xxxooo