Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bite number one - a little bit of fun...

****I've tried all day to upload the videos and there seems to be an issue with You Tube. I'll try again tomorrow and edit this post with them later - but here's the dish anyhow...***

We tried cereal for the first time this morning - just a bite or 2 each. I opted for the spoon approach for a few reasons...1. I spoke to a few other moms whose pedi told them not to put cereal in a bottle and to introduce the spoon at the time of the cereal intro. in anticipation of foods to come. 2. That is the same thing the pedi I worked with while in clinicals told me and would tell all of the new moms that came through the clinic. 3. I thought that using a spoon would be a fun experience for them - if they were in fact ready for it- allow them to explore texture, taste, and coordinate their tongues and swallow at the same time (my they have big jobs). 4. I love making messes with food (ha there's a reason I said WE tried cereal today...). and 5. I was bothered by the fact that when Brent asked our pedi if we could just use a spoon, he said, "if you want to, but it takes longer." (he obviously doesn't know me very well if he thinks "taking longer" will deter me from something that will otherwise benefit the babies).

So we tried...Mary Louise went first and I think did pretty well. They both made "umm what is that?" faces for their first impressions. But she actually took a few legitimate bites and kept her tongue in her mouth pretty well to swallow it.

David tried to help with the spoon which I was pretty excited about! He was not just crazy over the cereal - but in his defense - in the video, he was umm "busy". (I have said multiple times in this big blog that the cornerstone of nursing is poop - can you? how do you? what does it look like? - it seems this is one huge parallel between nursing and "mom-ing" - yes, mom, you were right - no surprise there.)So, after a few minutes and a diaper change, we made another - much more successful go of things...until he sneezed. Oh yes, I will be scraping cereal flakes off of Heaven knows what in their little playroom for YEARS to come.

So, I think we were successful enough to try again later. But ultimately, I will continue with my original goal of pumping / breastfeeding / providing at least some fresh milk (and therefore MUCH needed immunities) for the little guys through their second birthday. (i.e. the 2 most crucial RSV / flu seasons. Fair enough?

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