Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mary Louise, Mom and the yellow hat

Ok - when I posted this picture before, why didn't SOMEONE (Mom) ANYONE (Mom - Mommom - whatever you want to be called today - MOM) tell me that her hat was on upside down?! This was my old hat, sweater and booties ensemble.

From 4 mile hike - Sam Houston - Nov 09

This is the way it SHOULD look...
From first cereal nov 2009

The problem? The stinkin' hat doesn't stay on properly if it's backwards! Ha- poor Brent held onto the thing for most of our 4 mile walk that day and kept saying, "she looks like she's German." I suppose she did look a bit Gretal-ish...

Anyhow, I put it away and conceded that she may never get to wear Mom's old duds as they weren't very practical - until yesterday. I decided to try again (maybe she needed to grow or something?) I tried them on again and after studying the hat for a bit, realized it was a Bishop style and turned the thing around.

pft - I never claimed I was a baby wear guru...Sorry Mary Louise. But really - if this is the most harmful blunder I've made thus far as a parent (though I have a sneaky feeling it's not...), I think we're going to be a-ok! (I am quite entertained by my silly novice parent self though)


Here are the rest of the photos from the album...
first cereal dec -09


  1. I thought the hat looked rather funny in the first picture, but I could not figure out why! All the pictures--so cute. xxxooo

  2. Heather, you might want to get a vinyl table cloth with the fuzzy backing. You can put that under the babies and eventually under their high chairs to catch the mess, then roll it up and in the washer, the mess only get worse. LOL. Solids
    yippee...another milestone reached! I told Jon today that I can't believe it has already been 7 months. We couldn't wait for them to get here now I think they are growing up too fast.

    PS...I thought Mary Louise looked cute in her yellow ensemble even if the hat was on looks just as cute on the correct way.

    Love to all
    Auntie Zoo