Saturday, December 19, 2009

All the single ladies!

So Brent went to the Saints game tonight...about 3 hours away - and is staying the night with his parents...are you catching on? That's right, home alone (well me, 2 babies, 3 dogs and a cat - so as alone as I'm going to be these days). Getting a taste of the single mom life...props to you single moms. That's all I can say about that.

Thank you Brent for coming home each night, waking up in the wee hours with David, letting Tootle out for literally the 6th time AFTER midnight so I can get just a few minutes of the uninterrupted sleep I so desperately need to function during the day. Ha - 2 babies?! At least I have 2 arms in which to cradle them I suppose.

They really have been good sports though. We've walked twice today - and in the jogging stroller to boot! We've done about 5 miles altogether with about 1/2 a mile of actual running. That's a record for us I'd say. Even David fell asleep in the stroller today. We have played, sang (ok I did the singing), bounced, giggled and fussed - all together.

They are actually resting for the moment - at 6:30 no less. So, I'm trying to take advantage and get a good pumping session in and possibly have some dinner (though the dinner part may be asking a bit too much I realize).

So far so good though. Go Saints!

Poo - the Saints lost! Oh well (ok - you can tell I'm a not so avid football fan right?) Last night ended up going quite well if I do say so myself. Today was much of the same routine - except we did our early walk again! The babies have now tolerated the stroller 2 days in a row!! We also started to throw in an extra cereal time - and an extra teaspoon per baby! They are eating and eating - and seem to really love it!

Brent is back and we are so so happy to have him home again.


P.S. The babies are 8 months old now! (*gulp* - can you believe it?!)


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  2. Yes, 8 months has gone by too fast. My baby was born April 27th, just a short while after yours. Sometimes I wonder where that time went.