Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chow time!

Ok, I'm running out of witty sayings to convey that the babies are in fact eating cereal so this may be my last post about the matter...maybe not - but I realize that I'm over zealous in writing about it. Having said that...

Mary Louise has gone, in the past 2 days, from not eating and actually gagging when cereal touched her royal palate to opening her mouth happily (yesterday) to grabbing the spoon and "do it myself mommy!". She also has started to fuss and point when I feed David and gets quiet and opens her mouth when I turn the spoon to feed her. Ha- little firecracker she is. I will say this for the both of them though - they do all things on their terms - in their time - but when they do finally make a decision to start something, they commit wholeheartedly!

I had to take some pictures- they just crack me up - some favorites...

From feeding time!

From feeding time!

and the album...
feeding time!


P.S. We're so excited that the semester is over and Uncle Bean has been able to come for a quick visit! oh and also - I hope I didn't loose anyone by changing the look of the blog- it was time for something new.


  1. OMG, when I opened your blog today I was greeted by a big photo of these cute babies :D
    too cute Heather!!!

  2. They are gorgeous babies! I'm so glad that ML decided to open wide & enjoy the cereal. Although, if you have ever tasted it, you know it tastes like ass.


  3. Like the new look and love the pics

  4. My word....look at those eyelashes on Mary Louise!