Thursday, December 10, 2009

our olympian

Mary Louise just had, seriously, the BEST bath ever!! I really think she swam the distance of an Olympic sized pool - in place! She kicked her little legs so hard, splashed herself, me, and the floor (that's quite a feat considering her size and the fact that there was only a few inches of water in the tub!) She was just precious - wiggling around and having a grand time.

This was a much needed happy bath as she has been quite slow to warm up (ha) to the idea of the grown up tub. She was fine for the first time or 2 we tried it, but after that, she would panic. I've been working with her little by little to try to get her used to the idea - and tonight, she came around!

It was really wonderful and I just had to share. Unfortunately, I am still unable to upload any videos so I'll have to just get some photos on here tomorrow. Not sure what's happening with that...

good night all!


  1. How exciting!! How fun!! So cute--champion swimmer just like her Momma! ha

  2. She is going to LOVE swimming lessons. It won't be long before she's jumping in the big kid end of the pool.