Tuesday, September 29, 2009

up all night

So the babies have collectively decided to go back to day one with their sleeping habits...David is (I think) going through a growth spurt as he wants to eat every 2 to 3 hours or so. By the time I get him somewhat squared away, it's usually Mary Louise's turn to eat - but then David starts fussing again!

He's been quite uncomfortable, so it seems, and I believe he's having some issues with his digestion. His reflux has been giving us some trouble once more - spitting up after every feeding - and if you're wondering, we can't just increase the amount of the feeding with him during a growth spurt as he just can't take in the extra without spitting it right back up. I've spoken to the doctor about it. He gave us Reglan to use in addition to his Zantac (despite my weak protests). I tried 1/2 dose twice a day for 2 days. It worked wonderfully for the reflux but did no favors in the personality or gas departments. The doctor said he didn't see why it would make his tummy upset. Nonetheless, he has definitely had the rumbles the last couple of days. He is also amazingly grumpy - seriously, no kid should be this stressed. So, I've stopped giving him even the tiny doses of Reglan and gone back to just the Zantac. However, I am allowed to give that 3 times a day. It seems to work a bit better.

I'm also sort of wondering if his inguinal hernia is causing some of the trouble. I have, however, been assured by more than one doctor that that shouldn't be the case. I just know that when adult men have them, they sure aren't real happy about their -uhem- situation. His is rather large (has gotten bigger recently) and I can't imagine it's comfortable - though that's all he's known really.

We've been working hard on their exercises, stretches, cooing, and eye coordination. They are doing well (in my opinion of course) in all areas and seem to be mastering some of the required 3 month skills. I still have to be really careful with our little David as he just seems to get overloaded with noises and too much commotion. He calms quite easily if I can just get him in dim lighting and quiet for a few minutes though.

Sweet babies, they've been through so much and are trying so hard. Their beautiful smiles melt my heart. So so lucky...


  1. Just a suggestion....Hayden had really bad reflux and Zantac didn't work for him, but Prevacid was a miracle medicine in our home. It kept him content, eating and growing for 1 year. Then he was able to get off of it. Don't know if it would work for David. I just thought I would let you know about our experience.

  2. I'm going to 2nd the Prevacid. Wondering why the pedi didn't give that BEFORE the Reglan? I've had Reglan in the past & it is NASTY stuff. My legs became "restless", a known side effect. It also made it hard to sleep. Hopefully the situation will get better.