Thursday, September 17, 2009

professional photos

If you're interested, the photos we had taken 2 weeks ago are on the photographers site...

click client login
go to LeBlanc Family and click
password: babies

Mary Louise is 7 pounds 7 ounces today and David is 6 pound 5.5 ounces!

Also, I have been in touch with a lactation consultant in New Orleans and plan to get in touch with one here tomorrow hopefully. Yay! progress!


  1. Yay! Hugs, Kisses, Jumps up and down, Arms in the air, Hands clapping over head, Air Plane rides then Snuggles for the babies.Yay!xxxxxooooo

  2. i love the smile you got from mary louise in the early morning hour.
    and then the special smile from david while eating.
    those smiles make it all worth it doesn't it.

  3. You have some beautiful shots of beautiful babies Heather and Brent. I don't know how you are gonna decide. My favorites are the basket shots. Thanks for sharing. Rob

  4. What am I doing wrong? I get to the website and click on Client Login and then can't find LeBlanc Family anywhere nor where I can put that in. I wanna see the photos!!!!!! Help!!

    Cathy Deily

  5. Mrs. Cathy - did you click the bottom left after you clicked client login? it should say view / order photos. From there, there should be a bunch of pictures that come up. Click on ours - it is Brent and I holding the babies in black and white. Then you can put in the password. Hope this helps.


  6. Thanks Heather, that did the trick! The photos are absolutely beautiful!! Don't know how you're going to choose from such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing photos of your family. I loved it. Love, Cathy

  7. I looked at the professional pictures and they are soooo sweet. The little one in the basket are my favourite especially David looking at his sister. It looks like he is thinking "hey I'm not sleeping I need to know what is happening"