Friday, September 18, 2009

A MUCH needed visit...

The babies and I went outside under the carport as it was (THANKFULLY) cleaning service day! They come every other week now. We sat and played - as both play now!! and napped - all 3 of us napped actually - and ate - well them more than me. Ha - all within a short 2 hours - that's alot I'd say.

Anyhow, as the ladies were finishing up, I started to bring the babies and their swings inside. I was shaking out the dog beds and admiring the beautiful day outside - not too hot, with a really nice breeze. Blue skies overhead and warm sunshine beaming down - it was getting warmer as it was 11am. Then I saw it - a sweet little lady bug flew to me and landed right on my chest. It sat there for a moment. I said, "hello" (umm because I can actually talk to a brick wall if I'm in the right mood so a conversation with a lady bug is COMPLETELY ok with me.) My heart warmed and I got teary eyed for a moment as I thought of Mommom. I miss her so terribly.

I used to try to go to Houma as much as I could to allow Mom a weekend off here and there and to just spend time with her. I would bathe her, massage her, do her nails. I loved to pamper the woman who'd spent so much of her life helping to raise me and my brothers. She was amazingly appreciative always, never modest and would gush and gush about how lucky she was to have had such an amazing life. Sometimes she would tell me stories about "the old days" while I massaged her a let her drift off to sleep for her afternoon nap. Oh I absolutely loved to take care of her- though it was of course trying at times, I knew that each moment was so special with her. Somehow I knew that even before her diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

She had this tub room where I'd bathe her in a massive jacuzzi. Last summer, I went in there to find 2 tiny gorgeously green lizards. They were like story book creatures running about on the floor. Mommom giggled and said, "Oh look at the creatures! Aren't they funny!" She and I fussed over them for a moment and I caught them and put them outside. I checked the window - no opening. I didn't know how they'd gotten in really. Over the next few months the lizards reappeared - always tiny - always the most beautiful vibrant green. Then the lady bugs. If my house had to be infested with any type of insect or creature, I would wish it to be these two. Honestly, the only things that could have made the moment any more surreal would be a rainbow and some butterflies - and possibly a talking nutrea or something. But that would just be over the top. Mommom found joy in the simplest of moments. She would laugh and giggle and I would chase the Beatrix Potter characters around before turning on the water for her. I would carefully transport each one outside, unharmed and watch them scurry away into the sunshine (most of the time it was on sunny days that they were there). When the one landed on me today, I knew just who it was. I could hear her giggle, feel her warm touch and a quick kiss on the cheek and off again. I smiled and went inside to hug my babies.

XO, Heather

P.S. David smiled in response to me, coo'd AND danced today!!!

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