Sunday, September 20, 2009


So it's 3am. I am up pumping while my ever patient husband feeds the little ones. David has latched on a couple of times today and done well. Mary Louise the same. However, I still don't feel completely empty after letting them latch on each breast for upwards of 30 minutes a piece - and they are still suckling after all of that and attack a bottle when offered so I assume they just aren't efficient enough yet. They seem to get a good seal and definitely get some milk, but obviously not enough to fill their bellies.

Anyhow, that is NOT the point of this post. I thought my pump was going out a little while ago. UGH!!! I was sitting here thinking, hmm, I do believe this thing was stronger earlier. I check my tubing connections, the diaphragms were in place. I have been told many times that with my extensive usage of this Pump in Style that there is risk of the motor just giving out. If that occurs, I can call the company and have them overnight a replacement motor as long as the pump is still under it's one year warranty. So, as my not so old friend seemed to be petering out on me, my heart sank. I knew I had recourse, but tomorrow is SUNDAY!!! Frantic, I tried to come up with a plan B. I told Brent what was going on - this is a crisis in my book! I did the math on the hours until Target opened and cringed at the thought of shelling out almost $400 for a new pump to use in the interim. But I just can't have a reduction in suction and I certainly can't wait until Monday for something to happen - even if the hospital does have one available, no one will be able to get it to me until Monday!!

Ha - Brent finished feeding David while I tried to think things through and my sweet Mary Louise happily - and agressively breastfed. Her latch on seemed extra fierce as her momma sat in surprise, and utter panic in the face of the newest fiasco unfolding. Brent came and looked at the pump, chescked the cording, and unplugged the (dead) battery pack that I'd forgotten I'd switched to earlier and plugged the darn thing into the wall. Voila, crisis averted. Thank you Brent for uhem "fixing" the problem. Thank you Medela for making an iron tank of a pump that even I can use and abuse for months on end. I have reached a new level of moronic behavior.

Damn I feel like an alarmist.

Good night. Love you Brent and babies!


P.S. After breastfeeding both babies for a bit, I've pumped 5 ounces!! Hopefully my supply will continue to improve?!


  1. As the lives of all of you revolve almost solely around breast milk--just ask the babies--your reaction was not over the top! The babies' survival skills started keen and continue--so proud of their tenacity in the face of adversity. Mom and Dad working together as a great team inspires everyone. Thank goodness for Brent's common sense "fix it" skill. His patience in the face of panic deserves an A+. One day I do believe that the babies will allow you the relaxing freedom of nursing without worry and "add on's." The babies give you glimpses--putting "money where their mouth is."
    That your pump might wear out would not surprise me at all. The pump has to be at least as strong as the strongest muscles of the human body found in the jaw--for survival.

  2. I pumped a lot with my 27 weeker while he was in the NICU and when I went back to work. I now exclusively pump for my 33 weeker that never figured out how to bf. I have a pump n style and it's lasted so far! If I use the battery pack it loses steam after just a few uses though. Anyway, just thought I would let you know your pump should last a year at least (although someone told me they were only meant to last about a year - mine keeps going).