Saturday, September 26, 2009

another bacteria update

The neonatologist got back to me and said basically the same as the pedi. Watch them closely over the next couple of days. He also said that prophylaxis in this case would likely be ineffective. The babies have been acting ok - just a little fussy - but no more so than after their last shots. Still no fever or any others adverse reactions or symptoms.

What a nervewracking experience. After all we've been through - the possibility of mom doing babies in with a tiny dose of Tylenol is just too much. I keep saying it but in this case, it begs to be repeated...seriously, I couldn't make these things up if I tried my hardest.

I had to smile - the neonatologist's email was infused with phrases like, "I'm sure you already know" and "as I'm sure you have read" and "just watch them - like you always do". After dealing with me for so many months - he knows my reaction to things like this so well.

Brent is going to north Louisiana for a triathalon tonight. The race is in the morning. I got the ok from the pedi to go with the babies to a race or 2 as long as weather permits. (it is outside is really the reason for the permission) However, as this one is the day after immunizations and requires a hotel stay, I thought we'd wait for one closer to home. It's exciting though - the possibility of being able to see Dad go! Auntie Zoo has come to the rescue once more to help me with the little ones while Brent is gone.

Much luck to Brent!!! XO from mom and tots!

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  1. so thankful the babies are showing no reactions to the Tylenol.
    They are growing so fast now and the pictures with the hint of a smile just makes my heart do flip flops.
    You are a terrific mother to these babies.