Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be still my heart!

Sweet David, after a few days of bringing new meaning to the word fussy, had a moment of serenity and peace this morning. I couldn't resist but to take another batch of pictures. (Are you getting tired of my shutterbug ways yet?)

David - happy times

Other developments...the babies have developed cartilage in their ears! Ha - may seem a funny thing to notice but while in the NICU, their ears were just flaps of skin without any type of rigidity at all. They would sleep on their sides and when they would be moved, their little ears would be in the funniest positions. They would just stay all folded up until someone flapped them back the way they should be!

Lizzie seems to be settling in just fine. We have been very careful in introducing her to the little ones and although we won't be saddling her up to give them a ride any time soon, she is very sweet towards them. If they cry, she stands a few feet away from them with a very worried look on her face. It seems that she an Tootle have enlisted one another as their protectors of sorts.

Tomorrow we all have a very long day with Early Steps developmental program in the morning and Kid's Team developmental program in the afternoon. Please wish us much luck and happy faces as we muddle through some more evaluations on our babies' progress. May their performance in front of an audience match the ones they put on for me and Brent at home.

The pediatrician just called... Mary Louise's thyroid is still functioning at a normal level!! She will be checked once more in about a month. This progress is such exciting news for her! No new medicines today!

Hope you're enjoying all of the photos. We're just so proud and excited and want to share our special moments with all who have supported us for so long!

XO, Heather


  1. Wonderful!! Love them! So sweet. What huge blessings!Beautiful xxxxxooooo

  2. Oh no, I do not get tired of seeing how the babies have grown. i just love seeing how far they have come. Thank you for the pictures.
    My niece had her baby born at 20 weeks weighing 12 oz. She lived 39 days before NEC won. That makes me enjoy your babies all the more, to see the growth and success.
    I enjoy your stories of the baby and it melts my heart to hear how you enjoy the babies amid all the crying, sleepless nites, and the good times mingled in between. god bless you and your family