Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our first family photo session!

So we had Lindsey Janies here at the house today to take some family and baby pictures. She was fabulous. Sweet, patient, honest, and best of all, not afraid to get right in here and get some pictures of our most precious accomplishments!

Of course it wouldn't be a professional baby photo shoot without a little poop, a little drool, LOTS of tears and a few tantrums (uhem - David); and Mary Louise? Ha - she was either fussing or sleeping WITH a Wubbanub in her mouth. Honestly, I'm thinking that after the photos are up on the website, I should talk to Lindsey about sending some in to the manufacturer of Wubbanubs so that they can do an add campaign around them.

I thought I had it all together - they both were fed, both took naps, I had backup bottles ready to go, clean diapers - the whole 9...I can almost hear the laughter from all you veteran moms out there. I should know better than to think that I can control or predict ANYTHING about my little ones - and that's truly the way I like it. It just would have been nice to see Mary Louise's eyes at some point - and maybe for the 2 of them to get through 5 minutes without their little pets the Wubbanubs. But then again if they were so predictable I'd venture to say that they wouldn't be my Mary Louise and David! So walk on babies - march to the beat of your own drums and don't let anyone (including your momma) deter you from what you know is right for you!

So really, I think they'll be some really great pictures of all of us and I'm so glad I set aside my own vanity for a brief moment and got some family ones in so that this oh so special time can be recorded in some way. (I'm not exactly feeling super hot these days with the extra 30 pounds and brand spanking new scar - even though the latter I know no one can see.)

I think they'll be beautiful, flab, Wubbanubs and all.

Ok - must go. Mary Louise just spit up...on David's head. (without any sarcasm at all)I truly do love this life! I'm not sure I've ever laughed this much on a regular basis! Ok seriously, David's not happy.


P.S. I almost forgot - David held his head up during the pictures for about 5 seconds - he held it up high and was pushing up with his arms!! So exciting to see them grow and develop! Way to go David!


  1. So wonderful that you all did the photo shoot--what an experience, lots of happy memories.

  2. Heather, Our Aunt Grace is here visiting and I shared your latest pics with her and Mom tonight. They both talked how much they like you and how they are sure what a wonderful Mom you. They think your sweeties are the best thing around. :) They thought you looked wonderful at the reunion in your black dress and looked pretty wonderful in the park pics too. Just thought you might like to know. Keep writing when you can. What a wonderful gift you are giving your children. A record of their event filled lives. :) Plus, the rest of us love reading it.

  3. I'm so happy you got to meet my friend, Lindsey Janies! Isn't she wonderful? She does a fabulous job with the twins' pics, so I just know you'll love David's and Mary Louise's.

    And I'm SO happy to hear that I'm not the only mom out there who's babies don't always participate perfectly during a photo shoot! Some of my proofs are hilarious - the spoofs are the best ones!