Tuesday, September 1, 2009

happy days are here - all the time!

We have continued our "workouts" at the park. I just walked around our little neighborhood this evening. The babies are falling into the routine. I can go about 2 miles before someone has enough and I have to stop for a feeding after which we just pack up and go home (the babies will tolerate the ride as long as I keep going - but to stop and then go again just doesn't work for them). Anyhow, we are enjoying the nice weather from the last few days - spending lots of time walking and rocking outside.

David has started to soothe himself at times! Exciting to me as before he would start crying and get out of breath and out of control very quickly unless he was picked up almost immediately. So, our little guy seems to be growing up.

Mary Louise was so funny today! David started fussing because he'd lost his paci on our walk. I went to the front of the stroller to replace it and Mary Louise was sitting there with the biggest grin on her face - all wide eyed and sparkly happy. It was so sweet.

We also had a wonderful time on Skype with my little brother Collin. He's in Dominica for med school - just finished his first semester. We've had a very hard time coinciding with our schedules so that he could see the babies but today it worked! We (the 3 of us) chatted and giggled for quite a while. David fussed, Mary Louise was wild - all over - such a little monkey!

Brent and I are really excited that tomorrow we are having a photographer come to the house to take the babies' "newborn" photos. We are also hoping to slip in our first family photo. What a special day it will be!

Today, a woman from the Early Steps program came to discuss the babies' developmental status. She'd sent an OT here a couple of weeks ago to evaluate them. They both did wonderfully! The tests didn't take their prematurity under consideration. They were evaluated as a regular full term 4 month old. Both David and Mary Louise tested just below average! I know it sounds strange but they weren't near as behind as the therapist thought they would be. (Early Steps is a state program for preemies. The rep comes to the house to evaluate the babies and then sets up services such as PT. All therapy is done at home which is so so nice.)

So, that's the latest! David is waking up - almost feeding time.

Love, Heather


  1. Awww--Yay for Happy Days Every Day! Happy Fun Family Photo Day! xxxxoooo

  2. Wow sounds like you guys are doing great and the babies are getting into the swing of things. So excited for you all! I hope your photo session goes well.