Monday, September 7, 2009

Not so laborious weekend!

My mom and Damon (my older brother) came for a visit this weekend. Damon and Brent spent some time (in between feedings) training for their upcoming triathlons and Mom and I were able to visit a bit.

Currently on this fabulously long weekend, I can hear Brent snoring quietly on the couch - with Mary Louise lying on his chest in just a diaper as she promptly spit up all over herself and him when he got home.

I can hear David hiccuping softly from across the room in his Nap Nanny. It makes me smile to hear those (hiccups) now. I can remember not so very long ago when a spurt of hiccups - a more than daily occurrence with our babies - made me cringe. Watching their tiny bodies jolt, their chests retract and their faces grimace with every uncontrollable spasm brought the harsh reality of their fragility to light on even the best of days. Now, all they do is softly "hicc-up". It's barely noticeable really and the spells pass much much faster than they did during our NICU stay.

Quiet times like this allow me to really step back and just bask in the overall success of our journey so far. Our beautiful train wreck of a birthing experience, our incredible lessons of strength and love learned in the blink of time we were able to spend with our Kuylen, and the opportunities that lie before us in watching Mary Louise and David grow and thrive under our care.

The dishes and the laundry can wait. There are more important things to take in at this moment.

Mary Louise has been quite the entertainer these days...
Labor Day weekend September 2009

These are the photos mom took while here. They (she and Damon) also stopped in BR to see 2 of my younger brothers, Kyle and Sean...


  1. Such wonderful moments. Such sweet pictures. xxxooo

  2. Mary Louise is so beautiful - I love her dress! And, my my, David is such a handsome baby boy! I know you are so proud of them - and rightfully so! What a wonderful weekend it seems you had! Does it get any better than this? I think not...