Friday, September 4, 2009

Grown ups say the darndest things...

So yesterday we were walking at the park and an older group of people walked up (they must have been in their 70's or so). A man said while pointing at the babies, "oh! They are real! I thought they were just toys!" I giggled. I mean I've always been a little left of center but to stroll around with a full size twin stroller - in public no less - with dolls...well I like to think I can contain myself a bit more than that.

I have always loved to just sit back and watch people - really stare and analyze them. Not to be rude, I just like to take in the person as a while and for that, one must stare a moment - although I'm sure if they notice my hard gaze they get a bit put off. Typically, they don't notice though - or at least I don't think they do. (Of course Brent would argue with that.)

Anyhow, throughout this pregnancy and delivery - and in taking the babies to their various appointments, I've seen a whole new side of humanity. It's quite funny actually, the things perfect strangers say to you when you are carrying or parenting multiples. I suppose most of it just comes with the territory. It is human nature to be curious. But when the person at the checkout counter, in seeing my items 2 by 2, asks if I have twins, then asks in so many words how they were conceived, I must say it's hard for me to resist the urge to ask them about their contraception of choice. Another comment I get is when they see that there is a boy and a girl, people get really excited and say, "well I guess you got it all done with one shot!" Although I understand that there is a innate need for perfect balance, that comment always sort of catches me off guard - maybe it's just because I am one of 5 - we've always been a bit off balance and I've always LOVED it. Perhaps the only thing that really makes me cringe is when someone exclaims when looking at me, "oh! I am so glad I only had one at a time!" To that person I say, "well I'm glad you did too."

Yesterday I had to bring Mary Louise in for blood work. Anther child was there - actually there were a few. But this one little girl kept running (and I mean literally running) around the waiting room in circles, stopping where I was sitting, staring, then running and on and on. Finally the little girl bounced up to her momma and blurted out what was on her mind..."Why do some babies have those tubes and plastic things in their nostrils?" I smiled at her blunt curiosity. But then, much to my surprise, her annoyed mother whispered in that "I'm whispering but ignoring the fact that everyone can hear me voice" and said, "shh - there's something wrong with that baby. Now sit down and don't go over there again." There was a part of me that was happy the little girl had finally been somewhat disciplined because in all honesty, she was driving me crazy with her stomping around and making me nervous because I had explicitly picked my little corner for the lack of traffic there. Then there was the other part of me - the part that thought, "aww - My Mary Louise, there's nothing wrong with you love, and if there is, may we all be so beautifully flawed."

first week of september


  1. I agree not all people, myself included, think before we speak. I hope you didn't take that comment to heart. It was just some mom trying to get her daughter to stop bugging her with questions or whatever else she was doing to annoy her mom. And of course she didn't think before she spoke.

  2. OH NO she di-int! You have such a knack of making me laugh and then take me breath away with your poetry...beautifully flawed...ahhhh. Have a wonderful LABOR day, Heather. You deserve a rest!

  3. have you had anyone ask you if they are identical yet?? it used to happend to my friend all the time with boy/girl twins. sometimes she'd even say yes they are...
    good luck the babies are absolutely beautiful

  4. been reading your blog for a while. This post made me laugh! people really do say the craziest things. I have a daughter and a son and we are expecting another baby in March. People are almost shocked when we tell them we are having person even asked me why?! she said you already had your girl and your boy--the "perfect family" she said!!! really? I am sure you will get that a lot too since you have boy/girl will hear "you all got it done in one shot. you got you're complete!" Love hearing about your adventures w/ the babies...thanks for sharing your story.