Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas take 2!

Mere and Pops came for a visit - and to celebrate Christmas with the wee ones. They left today - leaving a weeping Mary Louise, "no Pops weave!" and David asking, "where going??" with a worried look. Their big gift to the kids? Shiny red tricycles - WITH horns!!! Let's just say it's all we've heard about since the initial delivery:

(no, she wasn't actually talking to anyone - but yes, that was our actual house phone...she's called India, Dominica - twice, Houma numerous times - and lefts messages that Mommom just loves, and she's called her Uncle Damon a number of times on my cell phone - as well as downloaded numerous videos to it - at least they're not obscene- yes, I put it out of reach usually but by golly if I slip up at all there's hell to pay!)
Proud baby girl:

In addition to the fantastic "bicycles", other from Mere and Pops included a doll with 2 outfits so Mary Louise can work with dressing / undressing. (Mostly undressing currently). A remote control car for David - he's getting really good already at navigating!, some combs just like Pops', some great books and some sweets.

All of this after receiving gifts from other family and friends (Mommom brought some of my childhood books over - LOVE)! Lucky lucky babies!

On the agenda for tomorrow? Cull the toys again!

We had a nice afternoon:
Brent worked hard in the yard as it was a really nice day outside. Mary Louise and David obsessed over watching:

I attempted some group shots - they turned out how they usually do...

Epic (albeit hilarious) fail. - but the album is pretty cute! (I'll give virtual daps to the person who comes up with the best caption for the above pic)

group shots attempt 1 2011

and so is this one:

watching Daddy cut the grass - Dec. 2011

Huge thanks to all of those who sent gifts, thoughts and prayers our way throughout the holiday. Wishing you all a wonderfully blessed and happy new year!


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