Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little of this and that

We went to the perinatologist on Monday for a check up. It was, by far, the best peri visit I've ever had (believe me, I've had a few nightmare ones). In fact, the doctor even appeared bored with us as I had absolutely nothing questionable going on. My blood pressure was a whopping 98/64!!!!!! At the doctor!!!! My cervix was still over 4cm (normal - long - very stable), the baby is growing right on target - but I did have to giggle a little when they did a head measurement that was rated a few days ahead of everything else (definitely my baby).

Mary Louise and David went back to their private speech sessions on Monday as well. They were so excited when we walked in that they climbed on every chair and danced around the waiting room (thankfully empty) while we waited for their therapists to call them back. Mary Louise will likely graduate from their program in the next couple of weeks but they have asked if they can see her back with David to help him along with the refinement of his speech. His vocabulary is great but he's still got a bit of work to do with gaining clarity and annunciation.

Unfortunately, Brent woke up sick the morning after my last post. So, he's been resting as much as possible and I've been wrangling babies away from "Dada" so that we don't go in for a full family round...whatever this would be...Brent is feeling better today -but was running fever last night. Another day or 2 of "keep away from Dada" and hopefully, this mean MEAN bug will be out of our house for good.

Mary Louise went back to the doctor (regular pedi) for a follow up visit after her hospitalization. Her chest was clear and she was deemed healthy once more. The doctor was concerned about her developing history with bronchial infections (2) and now pneumonia (1). That combined with her preemie history puts her at very high risk for reactive airway disease (asthma). If she did have asthma, she would get sick once more relatively quickly - another month or so - and I have breathing treatments and medication to start immediately if I notice a wheeze so that (hopefully) she doesn't end up in the hospital again.

(totally a favorite - totally)
If months go by and she doesn't get sick again, it was most likely a viral pneumonia as suspected that put her in the hospital. A little about asthma - it's always an allergic reaction from what I understand - it can be environmental, food related or a simple over reaction of the lungs when met with an inflammatory process - virus or bacteria. Hers would be the latter (we have no reason to believe either of them have allergies other than David's to penicillin). So if she gets a cold, it can get serious very quickly (if she has asthma). Make sense?? Of course we'll take things as they come - and I realize that plenty of people live with asthma just fine. But I won't tell you that this isn't nerve wracking and upsetting. After 2 and a half years of diligent pumping, I was hoping beyond hope that we could get beyond some of these classic preemie issues...though I will also keep things in perspective and remain WELL aware that this, in the grand scheme of things, is a minor bump as of now - and *may* not be an issue in the future. We'll see...

In other news, we did get a Christmas tree - which I begrudgingly decorated...I was really excited about decorating pre-plague. But Mary Louise's hospitalization and the sickness that ensued just about did me in...none the less, I was out voted - not only on getting the tree, but also on the size...seriously, who can say no to this?

or this?? (Mary Louise after her very first hair trim)

And here's a little fun comparison:
Now and then hats

Mary Louise wearing one of the first Mere couture designs:

She was around 2 months old here - wild.

The Bubs in his first Mere hat - we were stretching them a bit at that time - a week shy of 3 months old...

The album below - a mish mash of photos - if you have time and interest...

Thanksgiving  Early December 2011


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  1. Is your hair CURLED in that first photo?? you are super woman!! Sorry to hear the hubs is sick.....hopefully this nasty bug has pumped up the little immune systems into over drive and you are in for a very healthy rest of the winter.