Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night night little one

Mary Louise after her sound nap:

I'm not sure what's happening with my phone, but I've had to upload photos to Facebook then grab them from there for the blog today...I'll keep working at it...

Mary Louise woke up just before Brent came for the night. She was in pretty good spirits though still pretty tired. Her oxygen saturation remains great (high 90's) while awake - it's during deep sleep that's been the problem (around 87 or 88% and the doctor wants it to be maintained at at least 90%) so she is still on supplementation via cannula. She's done wonderfully with her fluid intake and has avoided IV therapy altogether. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get her to eat a little something (more than 1 to 2 mouthfuls) but we'll see. Seeing her get winded just walking down the hall (about 3 hospital doors) today really offered some perspective on how badly and how quickly her little body has reacted to this bug...we have quite a ways to go when she does get released...

The staff has been really wonderful where she is and accommodated us with every request. They were also very respectful of her nap this afternoon - so appreciated.

Brent is hanging in there and says he feels well and isn't too tired. He's certainly been the rock through all of this as, let's just say, I did not take the news of Mary Louise's pending admit very well (umm - nervous breakdown). Mary Louise seems more than happy to night night with her Dada though and is eating up the one on one attention from everyone- as is David who is getting the royal treatment at home with his grandparents. (Everyone is of course more than happy to give it!)

Having so many prayers, messages, support, attentive care and so many loving, helping hands has definitely made things much easier throughout!


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  1. Heather,
    Many prayers for you, your family and esp. Mary Louise. I am a fairly new follower and I feel your nervous breakdown :) our trio is 3 mo. adjusted and fighting their first cold at home, all three are on albuterol and each cough and wease scares me to death. Hang in there mama!