Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas little ones!

Merry Christmas little ones! Your precious lives have just begun...

You fill my world with love and light...

My sweet sweet babes, what examples of life!

Your grace and spirit shine and shine...

Moments with you are such precious time...

Memories kept within my heart, my soul...

It's such a privilege to watch you grow.

Thank you for choosing me to bear...
for charging me with your special care.
Merry Christmas little ones -
your stars are as bright as the yellow sun.

We had a wonderful quiet Christmas with Mommom, Uncle Kyle and Uncle Sean coming in for 2 nights before they left for Granny and Papa's in Florida. We expect Mere and Pops tomorrow - and Mary Louise and David think they have just done everything right to not only see some of their favorite people, but also open presents while everyone claps and carries on!

Brent and I THOUGHT we controlled ourselves quite well with the gift fact, I insisted we had PUH-lenty for the kids while he kept worrying over having "enough". As it turns out, it took Mary Louise and David all stinkin' day to open their gifts (of course they had to play with each one as they opened them) and we could have really stopped at just one! ha!

Their big Santa surprise was a toddler trampoline. It has been a big hit - especially with the nasty weather we've been having. It has certainly provided a much needed outlet for their everlasting energy when organized play just isn't in the cards.

On the illness front: Mary Louise has had quite a bit of coughing during the night but as of yet it has not be coupled with any congestion nor any symptoms during the day. So, for now, that's where we are. David is doing well, Brent seems mended and I am feeling fine once more.

Me and the Suga made 20 weeks on Christmas day!!! 5 whole months!!


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