Saturday, December 3, 2011

So far...

Mary Louise was in fact admitted to the hospital for pneumonia yesterday afternoon. Brent has been by her side the entire time but for a few hours that I went to snuggle and try to get her to eat last night. Ma Mere and Pops made their way in yesterday afternoon to help us with whatever they could -and in particular, help to care for David. 

After a night of rest (David tends to sleep quite well these days only stirring a couple of times per night and typically going right back to sleep after a little bed check), I feel much better than I did yesterday - just coughing, sneezing and stuffy nose left...sounds crummy - but I am very very grateful to be sans the body aches and sore throat of yesterday. Ma Mere got up early with David this morning, so I was able to sleep in a little longer as well.

Brent reports that Mary Louise had a pretty good night last night drinking 2 pints of milk - she was on her third when I talked to him this morning - and even trying tiny bits off of her breakfast tray. She hadn't eaten anything and was only taking minimal liquids until last night - her diaper from the morning was totally dry. They've placed an IV in her arm for antibiotics and steroids but were considering IV fluid therapy if her intake didn't increase. I worked with her last night and got her to take some frozen juice, and half a pop sickle. She also ate a few bites of a hot dog and considered some strawberries before I spoke to the nurses about trying a bottle...which worked wonders not only for her sleep but also her intake in general (this is what she took the milk from). Resist the urge to point out how old these kiddos are...they take comfort in occasional bottles and at this point, I'd much rather her have full access to that than constantly running IV fluids. She is still working very hard to breathe and the respiratory therapist and pediatric intensivist both say they "hear nothing" in the lower lobes of her lungs - this means she is not moving air at all there - but the breathing treatments are helping and she is negative for RSV - 2 good things.

Though we really don't know everything about what's going on (do we ever??), she seems to have a virus (cold) on top of a bacterial (pneumonia) infection. The combination just really knocked her down and settled in her lungs very quickly. Her x-rays apparently don't look too bad considering how hard she is working to breathe but the doctor thinks they'll show a bit more fluid today as things were just getting started yesterday and as the mucous breaks up with the breathing treatments, the x-rays will show a bit more. 

David is hanging in there - they both really really miss one another and constantly ask about each other. They got to speak on the phone this morning which got smiles times 2. David isn't any worse with his cold and doesn't seem to be running a constant fever. He still has a runny nose and a bit of a dry cough that started today but doesn't seem any worse, is continuing to eat and drink quite well and is playing pretty regularly all things considered.

That's the update for now. I'm am, as always, incredibly grateful for the out pour of support and love from our family and friends.


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