Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Man Winter - What the heck?!?!

Mary Louise started with a little cough yesterday that got a little bigger today - and also joined with a runny nose. Awesome. If I weren't so frustrated, I'd laugh over this. David has a slight cough as well, my throat feels odd and Brent is just barely getting to that wretched night cough phase. I don't even know what round this is - but I do know that despite my best efforts, we seem to be drifting down the familiar weather change cold road once more (along with the rest of this area). I'm still holding out hope for no wheezing - but I'll admit, I'm a little obsessed with listening to everyone's breathing sounds today...

Mary Louise picked up their stethoscope today and told David to lift his shirt and "breef". I don't know if it's a little sad - or a little impressive that a 2 and half year old knows how to properly ask for Kleenex, blow her nose really well and deep breathe on command...I suppose in our situation, these are all HUGE accomplishments...

I've washed sheets, towels, and any thing else I could fit in the washer countless times. I've vacuumed, mopped, cooked chicken soup of all kinds, pushed fluids, forced napping, and kept us pretty stinkin' secluded (ok, really stinkin' secluded) over the past few weeks (but for the trips to the doctor and going to speech - we did visit a park one afternoon with a whopping one other kid there who was older and busy with his own games, etc.).

Nonetheless, here we are.

All I can say is a big boo on this. (believe me, in my mind I am much less filtered).




  1. I am sure you know this one too, but get rid of everybody's old toothbrush.

  2. thank you! I have actually changed everyone's toothbrushes - twice - and have more on hand! I have spent just as much on toothbrushes in the past month than I normally do in 6! (We also got new toothpaste)

  3. run them through the dishwasher!

  4. Good idea on the toothbrushes.....I'm taking Sam in to the Dr today. He's had an on and off cough/congestion that drains down his throat, not out his nose for 4 weeks now. Yesterday he was lethargic and this morning he was warm...hang in there. Gavin was so sick his first couple years, but after the winter when he was age 3 - he has barely been sick since. He maybe gets something where he has to be on antibiotics once a year - random ear infections or strep. I'm trying to remind myself of this as well...I was hoping this was the year winter got easier for Sam, but he seems to have it all go straight to his lungs, Gavin didn't really have that issue. I'm sure his food allergies and reflux play a part and don't help much....nor this schizophrenic weather that can't make up it's mind. It was 53 degreed in Iowa in December last week - crazy!