Sunday, December 11, 2011

Checking in:

I am hesitant to put this in writing - but I THINK we are finally on the mend here. David got sick again Thursday and I was so frustrated, upset, over whelmed and utterly defeated that I couldn't even bring myself to blog about it. He's still got a cough but is getting better everyday. Mommom came after Uncle Collin left to help out for the weekend. I feel human again after all of the super wonderful family assistance but I think I might have just about done my "please God give me a break!" points in in one very busy week!

Brent was gone for 3 days making things very topsy turvy here. He had a great business trip (one that absolutely could not be rescheduled) and learned tons with the training offered so it was worth it but of course difficult with 2 sick babies and a half recovered pregnant Momma. Collin stayed in town until Brent returned and Ma Mere checked on us a number of times offering to come back in to help if needed. We got through.

I've gotten a bit behind on uploading again - am charging the camera as I write - and finally reset my You Tube password so I could upload videos from the hospital and beyond so a flood of fun is coming. (You Tube was blocked in the hospital and we've been so busy since that I'm just now uploading.)

Mary Louise in the hospital -a day or 2 in:

Feeling a bit better:

and a little better:

Home - back to her silly self!

Uncle Collin - the jungle gym:

Uncle Collin taught David and Mary Louise a few things while here - including but not limited to - how to make toot noises by blowing on their hands, and how to walk up to someone and flick them in the nose after making them look at absolutely nothing on their shirt. Wow. Thanks so much Uncle Collin. Can't wait for you to come back through town...

I'm pretty sure that's the video purge. Photos coming soon! Happy 18 weeks sweet Suga Bean! Hang in there in all of this craziness!


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