Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No better no worse

My OB called tonight to have a short discussion over my 24 hour urine results: .32 again. Meaning it's high - highest accepted normal for pregnancy is .3. Normal for non-pregnancy is .15. The .32 is marginally high and would be a possible marker for pre-eclampsia if I were showing more symptoms or further in pregnancy (it is relatively unheard of to have pre-e during the second trimester...yeah - except I'm really really familiar with this phenomenon...) Another explanation for the number is that I have some underlying renal insufficiency. In other words, my kidneys hate me. (The insufficiency can be easily explained with my hypertensive history - though I did have a full workup after the babies were born and there was absolutely no kidney damage shown...)

At any rate, there's nothing to do about it but continue monitoring. The positive side of this - sort of positive - is that the value is stable. I'll have another visit with the regular OB tomorrow - including an ultrasound. I'll feel a little better when I see that little one is growing well...

I did discuss the first value with the perinatologist last time I was there. He was unconcerned saying that it's not uncommon with a patient diagnosed with chronic hypertension even though I've been well controlled for some time.

Stress can also cause increased protein spillage. I'm pretty sure I don't need to go into anymore detail and just say that if another person in this house comes down with the snots, we're moving...to a bubble.

Mary Louise and David have been wild lately. Their new favorite thing to do is to use their potty seats as step stools to get into things like...a GIANT tupperware of flour and fill all the shoes by the door. Oh and while I clean up that mess (that happened yesterday when I went to the restroom for exactly 10.5 seconds), they quickly changed gears and worked together to get to a full box of dog treats...Chester, our mini dachshund...ain't so mini anymore - he is, however, very happy. Lizzie is fine - she never stops moving anyhow.

Speaking of...

Lizzie got crazy excited about going outside yesterday evening and barreled into my back off of the top step of the back porch. Of course my ankle gave out and now I sit in a brace with a super looking cankle in its place. I'm hoping with a day or 2 of as much rest as I can manage -with Thing 1 and 2 to chase -that I can get over it and move on (literally). I know - good luck to me!

Random story:
Last night David got up and went for a walk around the house around 3am. He's really quite funny - often talks in his sleep and has been known to "travel" a bit. We got him settled just in time for the little miss to wake and climb into bed with me. Almost an hour later, she was still tossing and turning and whining demands while still pretty groggy: "fock ock" (rock rock), "where dada?" (he'd begun coughing and went to rest in the next bed room), "Momma, go down-tairs?"...and on and on. Finally I just said, "Hush Mary Louise!" She smiled and said, "Neigh...horse says neigh Momma." It took me a minute to figure things out - but she thought I'd said, "horse" rather than, "hush" and was answering my perceived barnyard trivia question while half asleep!

With the days of Christmas ticking down and the end of this year becoming a big blur, I'm really looking forward to the END of the third trimester (note - NOT second - the THIRD Suga!). I'm respectfully nervous - I know way too well that no matter what I do in prevention, things can always change...fast. But right now, I really feel good and am trying to focus on and enjoy that...


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  1. Crazy kids! The sleep walking is all well and good until they learn how to unlock doors. We thankfully caught Gavin one night, sound asleep, attempting to unlock the door leading to the garage.

    Here's hoping you are just an outlier, and still in your range of normal!