Saturday, December 17, 2011

Feeding the ducks

We went to the lake this afternoon to feed the ducks. Mary Louise and David were beyond excited. We haven't been out very much lately with all of the sickness but try to take advantage of nice days while we still have them. It was cool but not freezing outside and today was quite sunny - not wet and muggy like it has been. So, we popped some pop corn, collected some old cereal, and made our way out.

I'm pretty sure it was a hit!

and the ducks got to eat **most** of the food we brought...

Mary Louise had a grand time bossing everyone around:

and we even witnessed an elusive "sharing" moment:


Just because:

It was a great way to end our day. I was feeling pretty crummy and the sun was setting so we didn't stay long - but did get to enjoy the Christmas lights on the way home.

Mary Louise and David both have coughs but seem to be holding steady. I'm really hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow...but at least, in general, there were 2 tiny smiles to be seen around here. It was a pretty good, quiet, stay at home with a little dose a fresh air mixed in kind of day - especially considering all the mess we've had here lately. Phew.


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