Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OB checkup and what a day!

19 weeks 3 days:

I went to my regular OB today for an ultrasound, cervical measurement and routine pregnancy checkup. Overall, things went well. The bottom lines are: the baby is very healthy and growing growing growing! and I am showing no (absolutely none!) signs of any abnormalities related to pregnancy / pre-eclampsia or incompetent cervix.

So there.

Mary Louise and David were up at 5:30am this morning and Mary Louise absolutely FLOODED their bed. Baths were a necessity - I didn't care what time it was. Brent got up to do my usual morning routine - dishwasher emptying, laundry starting, dog feeding, bed stripping, etc. etc. and I sat and bathed the wee ones who, upon waking up a little more, decided to have a little splashing floating fun rather than get upset about the whole thing.

At 10:30, though all pretty tired, we loaded up for speech therapy. I've been talking to the therapists for a number of weeks about updating goals and assessing milestones reached by Mary Louise and David. As of our last visit (Monday), they had suggested that Mary Louise graduate (yay!) but continue to come every session as support for David - essentially a prop - because they seem to work so well together. I later got a clarification (I was concerned about their limited benefits: our primary ins. policy approves 30 visits annually, our secondary policy is not accepted there - and the only place both policies are accepted here in our area has Mary Louise and David on the waiting list - supposedly for the past 5 months - as number 25 and 26...). Anyhow, Mary Louise's benefits would not be used if she went as support for David. However, after some thought and discussion with Brent, we agreed that David should at least try weekly visits independently. So we start with that the first week of January. He's generally shy and gets nervous pretty easily. But I feel that he'll do fine once warming up during the session. He will go once weekly for 1 hour rather than twice a week for half an hour (which is what we've been doing). I'm pretty sure Mary Louise will be a little upset about not getting to go - we'll have to have some special activities for her while we're gone - and if nothing else, she'll love the one on one Dada time.

All that to say that Mary Louise is being discharged from speech therapy!!!!!! Way to go baby girl!

David will continue on solo to work on annunciation and refining his speech. They are very pleased with his vocabulary!

We came home and got a visit from a neighbor. She brought Christmas presents for the kids: baby dolls with soft bodies and eyes that open and close. They are really beautiful and even have measurements: 12 inches in length - equal to Mary Louise's birth length. I just sat and stared as she carried hers around. It's dressed in a little pink onesie and has a pacifier and bottle. David's (yep - she brought a doll for him too) is dressed in blue with the same accessories. I didn't know how it would go over with David...or Brent...but thanked her over and over - what a lovely gesture! Meanwhile, Mary Louise and David were examining the gifts - Mary Louise immediately went to cradling, feeding, etc...

David looked the doll over - back to front - then quickly beamed it across the kitchen and giggled as it hit the back door with a thud and slid to the floor. Awesome.

The surprised neighbor sort of stared open mouthed for a minute as I assured her he was simply tired, it was nap time and I was sure he'd play with the doll later...

She smiled and left and we made our way up the stairs. By this time (oh 5 minutes later), Mary Louise was cradling both dolls and asking if they could "night night" with her. Of course I said yes...then I found out what Mary Louise really had in mind...

I put David to bed with little fuss. Mary Louise talked to the dolls. I offered to rock, read and anything else I could think of to no avail. Mary Louise talked to the dolls. I finally asked her to go to her "sleep room" and sit in bed quietly with them. She went - no fussing at all - and I rested. That child literally did not stop talking to those dolls for 3 hours!! No naps - no slowing down.

Brent got home from work and we got to chat for a minute before I had to go to the doctor. I couldn't find a sitter for today so I went alone. I was exhausted and nervous as I can't seem to let go of the fact that during the triplet pregnancy, I was doing the labs that got me admitted to the hospital at this time.

The waiting room was wild. One lady brought her 3 children and husband with her. While I can appreciate family affairs, her kids were 3 boys ranging (in appearance) from about 18 months to around 6 or 7 years. They played games by yelling at each other across the room, then argued over seating, tripped over me a few times, and generally climbed the walls. They were cute, but I just wasn't up for it today.

Finally in the back for ultrasound, I tried to relax and watch the show. The baby is doing really well and cooperated beautifully for photos! Heartbeat was in the mid 150's - normal. Measurements all right on target. Then the weight...ah the weight...11 ounces. He is one ounce bigger than Kuylen was at birth. I started to panic. Welcome to NICU PTSD.

I went down the hall for my blood pressure - tried to relax again. Took a few deep breaths...high reading...the first one in months...or heart sank. They put me in a room and my doctor came in to chat. He assured me things were going well and yet another theory for the extra protein - other than it's just my normal - was that the excessive amount of fluid I drink everyday (water mostly) flushes my kidneys so much that I just loose a bit of extra protein. Bottom line - he's not concerned. I go back in 4 weeks.

They re-took my b/p before I left and it was back down to normal. Panic attack over. Yep. I'm a frazzled, neurotic ninny. What else is there to say.

I'm so ready for bed! (oh - and I took my b/p again when I got home just to be sure and it was back to low 100's over 70's - so good) and another upside - my ankle is feeling much better today. I'll wear the brace a bit longer - but it's on the mend!


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