Saturday, December 3, 2011

Afternoon update:

I've spent most of the afternoon with Mary Louise. Brent is coming back (like the HUGE trooper he is!) to take the night shift in a bit. 

After throwing up much of the milk she was able to take in during a coughing fit, Mary Louise has been doing well with juice and pedia-lyte mixtures during the time I've been here. The doctor heard much better air movement throughout her lungs when he was in and they have been trying to wean her from the nasal cannula since he left. She was totally off of oxygen for sometime and even walked down the hall a bit before asking to be carried. But when she finally fell asleep this evening, her saturation kept dropping so she was put back on to allow comfortable rest. She is currently on 1liter after a half liter wasn't cutting it...

She does seem to be feeling a bit better - easily fatigued - but my feisty baby girl for most of the time she is awake. She has been asking repeatedly to "go home Momma" and "where David?". There is talk of possibly sending her home after blood work results come in tomorrow - but she needs to be able to function without her cannula. Her blood work in the morning will determine weather or not she needs to take further antibiotics at home.

Brent just text messaged me saying David is asking for his Momma. They have both done very well with all of this - but things have certainly been turned upside down in their routines and comfort zones. They have never been separated - at all. Though they don't really appear to rely on one another heavily for things, this experience has proven just what partners in life they really are...

Sweet babies. My loves.


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