Monday, November 9, 2009

They can see clearly now! (part 2)

So David and I returned home and I threw some clothes together and we were off to Houma (my mom's house) at a mere hour and a half post planned departure time (not too shabby considering). Unfortunately, the delay put us driving through not only their newest grumpy time (5pm) but also their bedtime (between 7 and 7:30). So, by the time we finally made it to our destination, I was frazzled from feebly trying to entertain 2 "newborns" that wanted anything but and Brent had a HUGE headache from the super sized tear fest happening in the back seat. We put them to bed asap but it was too late- they were over-tired, over-stimulated, and under-cuddled. Mary Louise did eventually sleep a little but David never slept more than 20 minutes (oh I wish I were exagerating that time) the entire night.

I was beside myself (exhausted) the next morning as we gathered our wit and courage (what we had left anyhow) to make our appearance at the long anticipated follow - up eye exam. With the babies tucked safely away in our carriers and with blankets covering the tops of their little heads that did actually stick up over the top (they are just growing so much!), we snuck through the hospital to the clinic portion on the 4th floor. We must have used every single hand sanitizer they had - twice - on our way. We had funny moments when a passer by would hear one of the babies coo or fuss and they would realize that the bundles attached to us were actually little babies - not one, but 2!

We made it to the clinic waiting area - a large room full of people waiting to see any number of doctors. We hung around the outer hallway and entrance area. The babies were fussy off and on so we couldn't really sit without upsetting them anyhow. We danced our little jigs while waiting to be called - about 45 minutes - we got our workouts in!

Once in the back, they began to dilate their eyes. Another 45 minutes or so later - and after I'd squeezed a pumping session in to a corner bathroom down the hall, we finally saw the doctor - just as sweet as ever (he really is a nice man - a little quirky - but always remembers us even though he sees people from all over the state!) He immediately remarked when he saw the babies, "oh my, are those the triplets?!" He said how good they looked. The man really amazes me - he looks straight at people's eyes - as if that is the only thing in the room - always analyzing eye movement and focus. He did the same with the babies. Then he told us the news we so badly wanted to hear, "their eyes look great!" No problems at all! (oh my gosh - we are just so so pleased with this! they aren't even near sighted which is very common in preemies with ROP) They don't have any signs of a return of the disease process and don't have any residual problems. They will be rechecked in 6 to 12 months and if they still look good, they will be cleared to come in every 2 to 3 years or so!!!!

So, we have babies with perfect eyes and I am now a self-proclaimed public pumping pro!

More about our weekend adventures in a bit!



  1. YAY!!!! I love hearing good news about your little ones! I actually got chills reading this. :) It sounds like they are doing so good.

  2. Great news!! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news!