Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh my morning

It's 5:30am. I so wish I would have been able to snuggle under the covers just a bit (or at least 3 hours) longer. But Mary Louise and David have other plans today. Complete with the largest gummy grins their little faces can muster, they have told me, in so many words, that regardless of the clock I really rarely pay attention to, it is in fact play time...

I hear them playing - together - cooing, laughing, "chatting" in a language that I'm positive only they understand. It warms my heart to hear them. I LOVE knowing that they are my reason to rise (even if on this very early morning I was reluctant to do so to say the least). I know in my heart that today will be better simply because they are here.

Mary Louise has continued her progress of rolling over - not all the time, but consistently never the less. David is not far behind and can roll on soft surfaces. He has the motion pretty much down but has a little more muscle to gain across his chest before acrobatics come into play for him. He can babble with the best of them though and has learned a bit better communication with his poor old momma. He still goes from quiet to tantrum in no time flat, but at least there are different tones of hysteria involved when he needs a diaper change, is hungry or is just plain exhausted. He's definitely a pistol but I wouldn't expect any less from him after watching him stay tough and strong through a NICU ordeal the vast majority of adults would never have consented to endure. His sheer will to get what he needs never ceases to amaze me - even when it's simple play time that he wants.

They both continue to gain weight like carb loading athletes. They can kick with incredible strength and love the big bath tub for showing off their new found skills. They both have wonderful head control now and can pull to a sit and stand while holding fingers - though they do need a little forearm support to maintain the stand. Mary Louise is pretty consistently doing stepping motions when she is pulled to a stand as well. I joke that I may have a 20 in walker totling around the house before long. We'll get through crawling first I suppose... speaking of which, Mary Louise can actually get her legs underneath her when on her belly now - I keep waiting for her just to take off with crawling - I know the day is coming...David can lift his rear and squirms his little legs back and forth, gets tired and aggravated and goes back to play time on his favorite section of the Einstein mat (the one with the octopus rattle and teething ring duck).

They are just so neat together. Brent and I watched them from the doorway the other night - they would actually use their little fists to pacify one another when upset. They would stare in amazement at the other playing with a dangling object, stare at themselves in the little mirror and giggle. Mary Louise even seemed to lecture David at one point - though always true to his personality, he remained engrossed in his own play and continued happily swatting away at his octopus (it seemed - much to her chagrin).

We had a wonderful Mommom filled weekend and look forward to a visit from Ma Mere and Pop this coming one.

So we're doing just fine. I've had my slump time and am trying to pull myself out of it. Back to the positive I say - back to it! Though a HUGE part of my misses my absent family members so terribly it's almost unbearable, I still have so so much to be thankful for - here in this little house - such beauty and strength lies. The chatty thankful continues to outweigh the mopey introvert. That imbalance is a-okay with me for now.

Much love, and gratitude - and many happy wishes this holiday season...

Mommom weekend Thanksgiving 09

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