Wednesday, November 18, 2009

moving right along

We've had quite a good week this week filled with long(er) walks - even a trip to the park - and cooler weather. I remember waking up for school when I was little - way too early (as I've said, I've always been a fan of the nap). I remember one morning my dad seemed so chipper - well more chipper than usual anyhow - (umm he was one that would run anywhere from 5 to 10 miles BEFORE sun-up). I asked him what he was smiling about...he said (with a boyish grin), "I love cool weather. It makes the water come out of the faucets ice cold." Ha - always the little things with my family...

I've uploaded the photos of the week - there are plenty - I tried to get some of the 2 little ones together - almost an impossible task as they seem to take turns with everything (which is a positive attribute for anything but photographs I'd say). So, one kicks, then the other kicks and so on.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I did discuss the use of the Bumbo seats, etc with the physical therapist that comes here - I specifically mentioned the possibility of hip issues. She apparently really likes the Bumbo seat for its assistance in the development of back muscles as well as a few other things. She recommended that I not leave the babies in the seat all day of course. (ha - as if David would even tolerate being left in ANYTHING all day!) They have "playtime" anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. But usually by the 15 minute mark, they have had quite enough stimulation and are ready to eat and rest again. So that's the story on the Bumbo's 'round here.

In other news, the babies are starting to "belly laugh" pretty often. David is still easily upset by louder voices and sounds, but is getting a little better with stimulation (i.e. he doesn't scream with panic if a toy makes noise AND lights up at the same time).

Mary Louise's reflux has improved immensely. She is not drooling near as much, spits up upon occasion but nothing like before and is able to take in enough milk comfortably to satisfy her. So, the Zantac has been a success!

In addition, both David and Mary Louise have really gone full force with bringing EVERYTHING to their mouths. They chew on toys, pacis and fingers. Mary Louise is actually pretty aggressive with the whole thing. It is on that note that I make a request that should probably go without saying - but I'll ask it anyhow. If you visit, see, hold, or are around the babies in any way, please don't put anything foreign in their mouths - especially fingers - even if you've washed impeccably. It's very easy to hold them and not pay full attention - before you know it, they've gravitated to your hand and are sucking or biting away. Please don't let them. We have tons of (their) paci's and toys available at all times that you are welcome to give to them instead. We have done incredibly well with everyone's help so far keeping the little ones healthy. All we want to do is continue that trend. As always, we really appreciate everyone's understanding and support.

Have a good day and enjoy the mass of photos!!!


November 2009 at home


  1. Absolutely hilarious words and pictures!! Soooo cute. Everyone's growing so beautifully with lovely cheeks and skin. So fun, such blessings. xxxooo

  2. So glad to hear that they are doing better and better each day!