Friday, November 13, 2009

Age appropriate toys

A work friend of Brent's gave us a walker for the little ones. Her daughter has outgrown it so she handed it along. (so so nice by the way - we are very appreciative) Age appropriate toy? Yes of course. I always get a kick out of things that the babies technically are developmentally ready for - but simply aren't big enough to use. (ok - I get a kick out of it but feel a little sad at the same time). Anyhow, the walker was really funny. I put the babies in it to see just how much they would have to grow before they could "walk" in it. In short - they may actually be walking before needing this particular assist ave device! No matter - they absolutely LOVED it!! I think they like the feel of their little legs dangling - they sure seem to get excited about it anyhow. They kicked and grinned and giggled and looked at things I put on the tray. Umm - of course I got video and pictures...

walker play

It was so fun - and the babies were definitely tired post playtime! I love that they are getting strong enough to handle the sitting required for the Bumbo and Walker. It's so much fun to see them explore their toys and drool all over (which by the way has much more to do with their reflux poor things - they are not teething).

Speaking of which, Mary Louise has had increased difficultly with her eating and swallowing. She is gagging frequently, wants to eat but then wails when she does. She can saturate a bib with drool within 10 minutes, and she spits up more and more in frequency and amount. In short, she has reflux. When we put her down - even on her nap nanny incline, she often burps and spits up so we have to watch her and keep her on her side. I am feeding her sitting straight up and holding her for at least 30 minutes afterward. I am also feeding her smaller amounts more often. It's not helping. I've phoned the doctor - he is aware of her issues, but as last night was worse than the night before with her and this morning wasn't any better, I phoned again and think I've finally made my point. She needs at least a tiny dose of reflux medication. I just heard from the doctor - Zantac it is. We'll start today.

They had their physical therapy here at the house this morning. Mary Louise did very well. David, bless him, just couldn't keep it together today. He did fine for about 5 minutes and then had had enough. He was hysterical. I calmed him and learned the exercises and will try again with him this afternoon. They are both developing well overall though. David must work a bit more on bringing thing to his mid-line and Mary Louise needs work on her rolling but is well on her way. So, great report again - hopefully, David will cooperate a little more next time. But, as I said, I can learn the exercises and do them on our own so it's not a total loss if he's fussy.

For those interested, we're still in limbo over insurance and waiting until the new requirements for state programs come out in March to really get any further. There are 2 state programs that are remote possibilities. That's about all we have as far as options though (and at least we have a small hope for getting accepted to one of those). I'm really quite frustrated and disappointed with the whole thing (as I'm sure I've said before).

That's it for now. Oh - and David is shiny in his videos because Mommy shamelessly attacked him with Aquaphor. That's all I have to say about that (sorry peanut).


  1. So precious--5 stars all around!xxxooo

  2. So awesome to see them playing in their walker! We are so proud of them! Great news about their eyes - I can only imagine your excitement (and relief)!

    Okay, so my observations have been correct - Mary Louise resembles you, and David resembles Brent... So CUTE!!!


  3. We were cautioned against using exersaucers and walkers with our preemie, something about hip development and back and leg muscles. Your PT should be able to tell you what to do though. Don't you hate having one more no-no thing. We didn't use a bumbo or walker and we had a crawler at 6 mos adjusted and starting to cruise at 7 mos adjusted, but with reflux you have to have stuff to keep them upright.