Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Steps

One, two look what they can do (now)
Two, three she looks like me
Three, four he favors Brent more
Four, five they've changed our lives (well, that's an understatement)
Five, six they've taken their licks
Six, seven but with Kuylen in Heaven
Seven, eight he'll keep them (and us) straight
Eight, nine we're doing just fine
Nine, ten I'll say it over again...

We're just so so lucky.

The babies have had quite the productive day:
Mary Louise is now pulling to a stand with me holding her hands, but is still uninterested in rolling really. She took 3 toys off of her Bumbo tray today, shook the rattles and threw them on the floor, grinned when I told her how well she was doing, brought toys to her mouth, and really talked up a storm with all sorts of noises.

David rolled over from back to front twice today with minimal help from me (he would get almost to his side and I would support him with an open palm on his back so he could go the rest of the way from there. He looked so proud with a huge grin across his face when I congratulated his hard work. He reaches for toys regularly and of course is chatty with his "agoo, ooo, and ugg" sounds.

They were both quite good sports on an afternoon walk today as well. They both made it a full 30 minutes in the jogging stroller before starting their "I wanna get out NOW" fits. As it turns out, they were both tired and finally gave in to an afternoon nap as I rocked them together as was (finally) able to put them down.

What a busy and beautiful day we've had!

Another bit of progress - David can stick his tongue out!!! If you'll remember, he has a short frenulum which causes him to be "tongue tied", have a little difficulty latching on, and long term could affect his speech. We were told by his doctors that there was a possibility that he could stretch the little connective piece of skin however, so we weren't planning on doing anything about the issue. As it turns out, David started working at sticking his tongue out over the last week or so and has had quite a bit of success in doing so!!

at home - november 2009

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  1. Fantastic pictures and words. So uplifting. They look gorgeous and are growing by leaps and bounds every day. Wonderful David took care of his tongue himself! Very kewl sun glasses. xxxooo