Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playtime in Full swing now!

We've had a wonderful couple of days with a more active play time. Mary Louise and David seem to notice one another more and more and are beginning to really interact during our floor time with them.

So we've had a week full of progress - hiking through the woods with babies in tow, enjoying longer floor sessions and Bumbo time, baths in the big kid tub and last but not least, they have been on a pretty straight schedule with 2 hour blocks of wake, feed, play, snack nap, feed, play, snack nap, feed, walk, snack, play, feed and rock until bed between 6:30 and 7:30. Their night time schedule isn't always constant but in general, they wake up about twice for feedings then are up for good between 6 and 7. We've been making every effort to follow their rhythm and keep their general routine as uninterrupted as possible - especially concerning the morning and noon naps. If we can keep those constant, I find the day runs much more smoothly. They eat on demand during the day so that's where the smaller (snack) feedings come in. Poor slow momma is getting better at reading the cues they send. I think we're in sync most of the time now.

A few photos of the week...
end of Nov 2009

Mary Louise - ok she's hungry - and hilarious! (We do have a bottle warming and fed her as soon as it was ready - but in the meantime, the opportunity to catch her blatant request for "yummies" was one we couldn't miss!) I must compliment her communication skills though!

David cooing - definitely getting more vocal and expressive. I'm just so proud of our little ones and all of their hard work!

I am uploading a few more videos but it takes quite awhile. Will post as they finish.



  1. So fun! Great progress shown in great pictures! xxxooo

  2. Oh Lordy! That was a great video of Mary Louis. My hubby & I watched it together & remembered the many times our trio would "latch on" to what ever they could find, LOL!