Monday, November 23, 2009

fancy seein' you here!

Mary Louise and David have (finally) noticed one another! I mean really noticed. They've had moments of awareness before, but as of this weekend, they have begun to actually play with one another - holding hands, touching faces in amazement. It's fantastic to watch. I'd ordered a mat for their room - which is turning into quite the playroom. We are constantly working to make it more functional - I suppose that's what happens when babies come 16 weeks early and momma's in the hospital for a full month prior to that- not much is done. Anyhow, the mats came in - they are the foam puzzle kind with numbers and letters on them. They are WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to have our next PT session on them!

So, the babies have started to interact and, well, they have actually started to really play! They LOVE their playmats all of a sudden and when put on their backs under them, they bat at the toys and giggle and smile...just fantastic!

A couple of play time videos...

This one is a little long - minutes...but they were doing so well that I just kept it going...


  1. Just amazing how they are interacting with each other! Fascinating. So fun and sweet. xxxooo

  2. Awww...they have grown up so much. Missing everyone.

  3. Do you remember the Super Friends cartoon, at the end of the 2nd video, David is bumping knuckles with Mary Louise and it reminds me of the Wonder Twins activiating their power.