Monday, November 9, 2009

They can see clearly now! (part 1)

We're just back from our trek to New Orleans / Houma...and what a journey it was! We left Thursday afternoon after some (uhem) David excitement....

Brent came home from work about 1pm and took David and Mary Louise so I could get ready to go (of course I'd packed for everyone but me!). After going through the baby things one more time, I began to get myself together. When I got out of the shower, both babies were crying and Brent called to me for help. I took David as he was hysterical and Brent voiced concern about his hernia. I checked it and it did indeed appear bigger, red, swollen. But it could have been because of his fit or because it was getting worse / bigger. We couldn't get him to calm however and Brent was a bit frantic.

He phoned the pedi - there is a branch of their office just around the corner from us - of course it was not our pedi covering that branch that day (we would never be that lucky right?) and the receptionist told Brent that the pedi was booked and he should phone another. I got on the phone, spoke with a nurse to tell her that we had a micro preemie that was at very high risk for illness and I needed to know prior to exposing him if it was warranted. I even offered to be there in 5 minutes with a naked baby so they could just peek at him and tell me if I needed to bring him to the hospital. The pedi refused to see me! She said she likes to keep a tight schedule. HA! What a donkey!

She also said that if the area was red, David probably needed an operation so I should just take him to the emergency room. By this time, Brent was more stressed, David was still crying, I was flustered, and angry, Mary Louise was beside herself with fussing. So, with wet hair and in pajamas, I collected David quickly and we were off to the ER. He quieted on the way and by the time we got there, he was SMILING! I stood in the parking lot for a moment. Holding him, staring at the doors of the ER, petrified of the dire consequences from a likely unnecessary trip inside one of the germiest places in town.

I took a deep breath...

I opted to check David's hernia one last time...

It was fine. Ha- as if you were expecting any differently. It was nice and flesh colored, soft, I was able to reduce it easily and without any grimace on his part (um - he laughed when I palpated it - that punk). I held him for awhile, calmed myself down, phoned Brent and told him the trip was back on, and went home.

Yay for spontaneous fieldtrips.

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