Monday, November 2, 2009

Test Run

In honor of premature baby awareness month (yes, there actually is one of those) and because we will be unable to attend this year's NICU reunion, I baked...alot. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to bake 3 different things from scratch no less, but with Brent's help and because his parents were here helping with the babies, it all got done - and it was actually pretty fun. We're just so thankful for the NICU staff's hard work and efforts in making our little family possible.

The delivery of said confections took place this evening and Brent had the bright idea to make it a family affair (in other words, he asked if the babies could come along for the ride). I conceded as it was an opportunity to test out my latest idea for car riding with David the Hysterical. I strapped one of his swaddling Kiddopatomus velcro blanket things (that finally fit him by the way) into his carseat and was able to swaddle him tightly thereby (I suppose) making him feel safe and quieting him down. He lasted through 2 stops (one at the store and one at the hospital which is when I actually went in for 15 minutes or so and Brent stayed in the car with him). He didn't cry at all after being swaddled. Of course he needed constant reinforcement that someone was right there and oral soothing with either bottle or binky but I'll take that over hysterics any day! So, thank you Kiddopatomus for mass producing baby straight jackets with whimsical designs on them and calling them swaddlers to make the idea more appealing. Thank you! You gave me a moment of peace in the car today with my sweet little peanut. I am forever grateful. We'll see how it works for the long trip we must soon take for their eye exams...

Photos from the past week -including Halloween...
Halloween 2009