Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a quiet Halloween here. Brent's parents came for a night to visit with the babies. It was nice to have some extended family around. I tried to dress the babies their - uhem- Halloween costumes which consisted of some really cute cotton onsies that Auntie Zoo brought a while back. David was to be a skeleton - that glowed in the dark. Mary Louise was a pumpkin. Ha - I dressed them after their bath the night before thinking it'd just be easy as they typically just sleep in what they wear all day. Umm- David hosed his onsie down during a diaper change and Mary Louise cooked up one of her special poopy diapers for the occasion. You know, the ones with the oozing sides that you may as well forget the wipe clean up and instead run the bath water.

Lucky for us, Auntie Zoo had the foresight to get a second set of Halloween onsies which made David a ghost and Mary Lousie a representative montage. So funny - I was mildly excited about the whole thing- they were making a mess of their clothes like "normal" babies!

Saturday night was typical for our house. It entails wailing and wild babies from approximately bedtime to approximately sun-up. Every week, we plan to go to church (of course one at a time as they babies can't go) but every week we stay up ALL night consoling, changing, feeding, playing. At one point, David was actually laughing at me trying to close my eyes (at least it was better than screaming). So, I'm not sure what goes wrong on Saturday, but I'd love it if someone could clue me in! I'm exhausted!

Sweet babies are doing so well. I am just so excited to see them grabbing for their toys. Mary Louise is even trying her hand a shaking her rattle every once in awhile! She is also babbling a bit more audibly. David talks up a storm and is making his own strides with the toys - he's much more organized with things like that though. He carefully touches the toy, slowing drags it off the tray, studies it intently...Mary Louise, grabs, throws, drools, grins. Ha - so different - so much fun.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

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  1. Sounds like fun times are being had at your house! I can't imagine going through those sleepless nights and days with 2 little boogars! Glad things are going well for you guys! Sounds like they are getting to that fun, interactive stage. I know you are enjoying those little milestones as all moms do, sleep deprived and all. Take Care.