Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Your baby is considered "uninsurable!" Super! David is not eligible for individual insurance. I am currently back to exploring the state emergency and high risk systems and seem to be hitting brick wall after brick wall there as well. We'll see what happens from here...I'm really quite upset about it all.

They (Mary Louise and David) are doing well - keeping me on my toes. Mary Louise has started to chime in with David's "agoo" sound. But, not to be a copy cat - she says "agee" instead in this sweet little breathy voice with a HUGE proud grin on her face.

They are also noticing one another more and more. They stare with rather puzzled looks on their faces as if they are saying, "what the heck?! excuse me - could someone tell me what that is please?" They love moving objects - sound or no sound involved - and are lifting their heads almost automatically now and fine tuning their reaching skills to get rattles and toys from our hands. They still hate "tummy time" (umm - in turn, I'm not so fond of it myself), but we are finding more pleasant ways to isolate their chest muscles - using a ball or boppy and last but not least trying it on the floor for a minimal amount of time.

Size one diapers and Newborn sized clothes pretty much fit Mary Louise now which means it won't be all that long until she can officially put them aside for all 0 to 3 month clothes and size 1-2 diapers. David still has a little room in both but is still (on his own time) growing and gaining very well.

We've been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful fall weather and going outside to calm and bounce babies. They seem to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine - which brings me to another small milestone...Mary Louise can actually wear her sun glasses now. Of course they are still a little big, but they stay on well enough to protect her eyes - especially after the pending eye exam. David's whole face shape is a little different - but with a little rigging, I think they'll work for him as well - at least for the short term. They'll be so cute when they really fit well - and it's so funny to see them realize that they don't have to squint so much when they are outside when I periodically put them on them for a few minutes.


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  1. So sorry to hear you guys are still having insurance difficulties. I will continue to pray for an answer.
    It seems the babies are doing well though. That is great news always! Oh I remember the agoo and agee days so sweet and so far gone. Now it is "no mommy" and "pwetty pwease". Enjoy those cute little sounds while they last.