Thursday, February 11, 2010


The surgeon was very pleased with the outcome of David's hernia repair. The hernias were a bit more involved than anyone anticipated - his intestines had attached to some areas causing adhesions that had to be removed. This will cause more swelling in recovery but as of right now, he looks wonderful and is sleeping soundly after a meal.

As it turns out, the adhesions and extent of intestinal involvement made David's situation a bit more serious than originally thought. The surgeon also reported however, that all vessels were intact and none were blocked from blood flow. Therefore, he doesn't anticipate any long term complications from the hernias or the surgery.

Again, many thanks for the thoughts and prayers. It's definitely a bit odd to be back at this hospital - and this time with an actual baby in the room! I am hoping he can rest comfortably today - such a tough little one.

At any rate, I'd better get a little rest while I can.



  1. Thank God everything turned out ok! Try to get some rest momma!

  2. so glad he is doing well! Get some rest mama!