Thursday, February 4, 2010

David's surgery

David is scheduled to have surgery for his inguinal hernias on Thursday the 11th. The meeting with the surgeon went well - all behaved.

Upon examination, it was found that he had not one, but 2 inguinal hernias - one communicating (involving intestines) and one non-communicating (fluid filled) hydrocele. He will have both hernias repaired in an operation lasting approximately an hour and a half.

Typically, someone as young as David and with such a history would be kept over night for observation post operatively. We will plan on that with the knowledge that if the CRNA sees fit we may be allowed to go home. It depends how he does during the surgery with anesthesia.

The surgeon performed David's emergency surgery when he was just 10 days old and is very well respected here. We have chosen to request a CRNA to administer his anesthesia as we know one personally and trust him. Having said that, we are terrified.

Of course there are quite a few (rather rare) risks to the operation. Topping the list are future fertility issues and/ or testosterone deficiency which could cause growth restrictions. As I said, these are considered rare and although the operation is at this point voluntary, it is very necessary and if done under emergent circumstances, becomes much more risky.

So, that's the story. Though it is a (routine) major operation, he is expected to recover quickly and I am told many babies act "fine" and are back to playing by day 2 or 3. May I muster up the strength and courage to hand over my little one once more and may he have the strength to not just endure, but continue to thrive...Ugh! I'm just not looking forward to being back on that side of a hospital setting!

We have applied for a private policy, and I have researched a few other companies. I need a few denial letters to make a case to the state system so that we may get the best shot possible at getting insurance for David. Meanwhile, Mary Louise's policy is quickly dwindling. I have spoken to the state insurance commission's office and they have little to offer. I will keep searching - it's all I can do. No matter what happens, at least I know I've left no stone unturned.


P.S. Sweet green peas results: David says, "they're wonderful!" Mary Louise says, "Meh, good enough. I'll try anything as long as you don't give me that skanky cereal EVER again!" (Their words - I swear!)


  1. Heather you must be terrified about David's surgery even though he will be in good hands. Surgery is something no tiny babe should have to endure.
    Health insurance is very different in Australia. You pay a monthly premium for health insurance and it covers most expences. Everyone has access to a goverment fund so you always have insurance. Your insurance sounds so complicated and scary. I love reading about your little miricles and seeing the pictures.

    Lia in Australia

  2. Heather- This probably is breaking a baby law, but try the cereal with a little bit of applesauce on the tip of the spoon. Trudy

  3. Try adding more milk to the cereal.

  4. Oh, Heather - I know it must be so hard for you to even THINK about having to hand over your baby for surgery once again. David is so incredibly strong, though! I will be praying for him very hard on Thursday...and you as well - I know Momma needs it too!

    So happy to hear about all of the babies' progress! They're getting so big and strong - we are immensely proud of them!