Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mondays are notoriously difficult in this house. The babies are usually wild with fussiness after having 2 parents over the weekend. I do my best to maintain their schedule but I know it's a bit smoother with an extra set of hands. So, as we muddle through Monday, I know they get a bit frustrated with one lap, one set of hands, one person to focus attention on 2 babies.

This Monday is no different. David woke at 5:15 and absolutely refused to even play quietly much less got back to sleep. So, coffee pot on, Mary Louise now awake, we trudged to the playroom for morning playtime fun. It went as well as could be expected with 2 exhausted babies and one ridiculously tired Momma. They didn't want to rock, be swaddled, or pacified in any way, so we worked out their tiny bit of energy for an hour and a half until they FINALLY conceded to lie in their swings and nap for a bit.

Refreshed, we had our mid morning play time followed by our usually breakfast feeding. Green bean day...both enjoyed it but David insisted on sitting in my lap the whole time. I didn't really mind - a change of clothes for all of us is usually needed post feeding either way. He did a nice job spray painting my arms and legs with green mush. (see previous post with video; note David's new favorite trick-fart noises; picture said trick loaded with green beans; realize David has a nondiscriminatory line if fire.)

So, after a half jar or so, they seemed to loose interest. "Fine, I'll run the bath water and just rinse them there." Mary Louise proceeded to smash remnant green beans into her hair (what little hair she has) and her ear. Super. I turned the faucet to the "on" position. Nothing happened. I tried the bathroom sink, nothing. Feeling a bit a dread and reexamining our situation (yep, still covered), I went to the kitchen and other bathroom. Nothing. Nothing from the hoses outside either - not sure why I tried though I would have definitely used them had they worked...

Phoned the water company. They must have heard from everyone on our street. "Are you off of __ in this area?" the voice on the other end of the line said. "Yes." "They're tying in another line. It'll be another hour or so." "Awesome. Thanks very much for the notification." "What?" "Nothing."

So, here I sit, blogging rather than bathing. I can confirm that baby wipes do in fact have limits to what they can and can't clean. Sometimes actual water is required. (I did mention that Mary Louise has green beans IN HER EAR right?!)

I just hope the water comes back on in time for us to get cleaned up for David's follow up surgical appointment. "No Doctor, that's not an infection nor oozing. It's just green beans from this morning. See I have them all over me too!"

Happy Monday.


  1. At least you all were head to toe smelling like green beans--could be worse, as you well know! Yes, green beans does look like infection!ha! Humor saves the day! xxxooo

  2. As Karen said, it could be worse. What if it was one of the poos where it's all up the back and the belly? I don't think a box of baby wipes would get too far with that!

    Hope you get your water back soon! xoxo