Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pre op

David had his pre op work done yesterday. It went well. We got most of the paper work done. So, we'll just have a last consent in the morning and then he's off. Not eating after midnight worries me though.

He was just fascinated with the lights and sounds of the hospital. He clung to my front like a little monkey while looking all around, grinning, blowing raspberries and cooing. Then came the bloodwork...ha - the little guy made so much noise that people were searching down the halls for "that screaming baby". He was fine as soon as the poor phlebotomist got what she needed and let his hand go (it was a finger stick). His old respiratory therapist stuck her head in the room to see what was happening and was quite surprised (and very excited) to see who it was. We also saw a few of his NICU nurses and some of my labor and delivery nurses who were amazed to see how he's grown (and to know that they are almost 10 months old!).

Probably needless to say, David fell fast asleep on the way home - and didn't even wake when I took him out of the car! He took a nice nap and was back in action in the evening.

We are not looking forward to tomorrow, but know he is in very good hands. I emailed their neonatologist when we scheduled the surgery to see how he felt about it. He knows these babies better than anyone else from a medical standpoint. He has earned our trust ten times over and I just wanted to get his stamp of approval on our plan of action. Thankfully, he agreed wholeheartedly -telling me he felt David was big, strong and healthy enough to go through the surgery at this point. He even offered to stop by to check on us.

Mommom (my mom) is here helping with the little ones for the week and is going to stay with Mary Louise while we are at the hospital. When David and I got home yesterday, Mommom and Mary Louise were napping together - all I could think of was those nights when I would sneak across the house and crawl into bed with (my) Mommom. She always smelled so sweet - of lavender, roses and Dove soap. She would smile when I would creep into her room and say, "come here darling, of course you can sleep here! There's plenty of room!" (of course in her flawless songbird British accent). I would snuggle into her wool blankets and down pillows and sleep so much better there than anywhere else. Ha - you'd think I was really little right? I did that until I was about 9! Some of my favorite memories...

Please think of little David tomorrow as he braves through one more preemie ordeal.

Many many thanks.


  1. Glad to hear his pre op went ok. We will be praying for all of you tomorrow. God will keep him safe and you and Brent strong.
    Love you guys!

  2. Will pray that the surgery goes well.

  3. Prayers being said! Belated happy birthday as well!

  4. Thinking of you and praying that all goes well with the surgery!