Friday, February 19, 2010

Curse you Nonaps!!!

Mr. Nonaps has struck yet again...oh my poor David - so exhausted- so unwilling to shut those eyes. It has been a trying few days as it seems that I am the only person here who really wants a nap! Mary Louise - though willing to snooze every now and then, is also quite a busy body and doesn't want to miss anything. Hence, Mr. Nonaps, our unwelcome guest, keeps us all wired and bleary eyed.

Other than exhaustion, we're doing just fine. David's incisions look really good - edges approximated sans redness - and the suture glue actually stayed on a bit longer than anticipated - almost a week rather than 3 days- before it began to wear off.

So finally today (this afternoon in fact), I pumped and didn't hear a peep from the playroom- after 2 days of wailing everytime I was out of sight, I became a little concerned. I stopped short in the doorway as Mary Louise was playing quietly and David was...


Mr. Nonaps had stealthily exited as quietly as he crept in leaving my sweet snuggly David to his all too happy momma.

The rest of the photos from the past few days...



  1. Thanks for sending Mr. Nonaps this way. No nap = no fun.