Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Follow-up

I'm a might late in posting about David's follow-up. Geez - I lose full days without even realizing what's happening!

He did very well at the surgeon's office. Actually, David does really well each time he sees the guy. David grins a huge grin when the doctor walks in the room, giggles through the exam, and sits up and grins again before he walks out the door. It'd be one thing if David did things like that for everyone -but he just doesn't. The doctor thinks he's one of the happiest babies ever.

So, David still has a bit of swelling. It should go down over the next month to several weeks. He still has a hydrocele (pocket of fluid)on the more involved side. He is hoping that David's body absorbs the fluid over time. Apparently, babies usually don't have an issue with such - adults usually need surgery or at least have to have the fluid drained. (I swear - nothing can ever just be cut and dry with these kiddos!)

Anyhow, the swelling, etc. doesn't seem to bother David in the least and I am watching it carefully to ensure its resolve.

Miss Mary Louise has been quite busy doing strength training and can even pull up to a stand now. She only does so on me though! She army crawls up to me and pulls up on my shirt and grins a wildly huge grin when she is standing tall - so proud of herself! She has also figured out how to close things - like the little compartment on her play table and the toy that has doors that pop open. Finally, she has learned the sign for "more" or "eat". She is very proud of this skill as well -though I'm not quite sure if she has made the connection that doing the sign is actually asking a question. (We're working on that part).


P.S. another Mary Louise feat - I went to check on them after we put them to bed - Mary Louise was restless, picked her bottle up and drank from it and put herself back to sleep - without any help!!

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