Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doing just fine...

David's recovery is really amazing. He seems to have developed quite the sense of humor post op. I kept asking doctors over the months concerning whether or not his hernias could be a contributor to his constant fussiness, or to his discomfort related to reflux (they did, after all, involve his intestines). Until just recently, the answer was always, "no, of course not." Then, as the first of the year came and went, one of them started pushing the repair saying, "it'd probably make him a bit more comfortable."(though I was concerned about exposure to illness during major flu and RSV season and as I understood it, it would be fine to wait until such time had passed and the risk was decreased). So I scheduled with the surgeon for a consult just to see what he would say...

And we know what happened next...

Was I at least a little right? I still feel it may be too soon to tell, but first impressions...unequivocally, YES. David has been a different little boy post op. Still a little clingy with his momma (which I can almost hear the mom veterans saying, "that's just boys- or that's just babies." But, overall, he's been much more easy going- especially considering he had a major surgery a little over 2 days ago. To give an example, the surgeon came to see him the morning after the surgery so he could evaluate him and decide on a discharge time. He said (direct quote), "that may be the happiest little boy I've ever seen." The nurses who worked with him all said the same (along with saying he was so cute and funny, etc.- I of course agree...)

So, to us (me and Brent), he is much less guarded and quite literally seems quite a bit MORE comfortable - even with the rather large incisions that are currently well into the healing process.

He'll have quite the collection of abdominal scars though - we'll just have to think of a really amazing story for his swimming pool and playground days - or we could just tell him to say what really happened (umm - as 14 ounces and 10 3/4 inches long to growing, smarty pants cutie pie little boy is quite amazing enough don't you think?)

To give you a better idea of David's healing progress, here are a few videos taken at different times post op. If you're wondering, he only had a few doses of Children's Tylenol for post op pain.

3am - about 18 hours post op...

Right before we left the hospital just under 24 hours post op...

And today - 36 plus hours post op...doing just fine...



  1. I am in love with David's little laugh! Is there anything more adorable than that???!!!??

  2. such sweet babies! he has the best laugh. :)

  3. OH LORDY! That is one happy baby boy! So glad to hear he is doing so much better.

  4. In video #3, have we just witnessed the introduction of the male child to the "fart" joke that men think so funny? Too cute. Mary Louise as you can see, doesn't get it!!!!!

  5. I have to admit that I watch video 3 several times a day and crack up each time. It ranks up there with the laughing quads on utube.